Posted on: 13/06/2011

Black and White Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Decorating ideas for a bedroom should ideally include everything – right from the flooring and walls to the furniture and accessories. If the walls are not already been painted in black and white, we can let our imagination run wild by designing the wall color in a more intricate way. Use black bedroom furniture and white bedroom furniture to add more variety. You can have a black bed with black and white bedsheets, and zebra patterned blankets. Alternatively, you could have a pure black bedsheet with a white pillow-case. Polka dots in black and white look great too. You could also go for a pure white bed with a black headrest.

It is also very important to have the correct lampshades and lamp lighting. Ditch the bulbs. Go for CFLs. They’ll look great with such a bedroom and conserve energy too! Lampshades will have to be white, no choices there. But the black lamp-stand will look pretty good with it. If you’re a big fan of patterns, like me, you can go for spotted lamp-stands. Hanging lights on the side of your bed look good too. IMO, chandeliers might not look good in such a setting. For me, angular is the way to go. The lampshades must be small and angular.

Wardrobes! They occupy a large part of the room, so they better not look woody. I mean, you don’t need SO much contrast, do you? You can get a black wardrobe with white doors or vice versa. Even as a big fan of pattern, I would say use them prudently. Vary between hard colors and patterns as much as you can.

Among other accessories, you may put a chic black TV or a home theater, depending upon the size of your bedroom and your redecoration budget. A small black bedside fridge is for the creme-de-la-creme of the budgets. I’ve seen rooms with potted plants, which although green, lend something special to the place. The crazier among us can also use the leafless plastic twigs. White curtains will look pretty good too. As will black dressers. Its best to keep the flooring white. For the ones who want to go for the no-holds-barred sexy look, throw in a splash of darkish-maroon, or even better, a darker shade of violet.

So don’t just restrict yourself to the ‘good-old-fashioned cream-n-beige with golden lights’ bedroom decorating idea. Black and white bedrooms will add that bit of sophistication and uniqueness to your bedroom. For those who are not fans of the stark contrast provided by this idea, fear not, for there are many bedroom decorating ideas and this is but one of them

lack and White color combination has often had quite bad reputation especially in interiordecorating. But if you see the bedroom designs and living room designs below you would agree that black along with little white color combination around it makes the bedroom designs, living room designs or for that matter bathroom designs very chic and stylish along with adding the lavish factor. Of course it should be carefully used in right doses. In moderninterior design it also comes hand by hand with white in order to generate cool contrasts. Black could also go well with other light colors like yellow or blue but for the classic lavish and bold look there could be nothing better than white.

Of course as mentioned above also that the black and white color would make your bedroom designs stand out only if it is used in the right proportions, looking at the below first image can prove this to you. Only the wall behind the bed in the bedroom is painted jet black and then the entire flooring is done in black tiles. This use of the black makes the entire bedroom stand out. This is the use of the black, and the white color has been nicely gelled into by making use of the small piece bedroom furniture like the side table having white plywood over it and a small bedroom cupboard or dressing table in full white adding to the smart black and white look of the entire bedroom.

Even in the second image the use of black and white has been done very smartly. The use of the black wall along with the white panels above the bed is awesome. It is simple and the only black and white element in the entire bedroom but it still creates a vibrant and very smart effect along with the other colors like lavender and blue. Bedroom designs can be altered in a lot of way by adding new bedroom furniture and all but the best effect of a lavish orluxurious bedroom comes with the right selection of colors in the room which totally depends on your taste.


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