elegant white bed room

Posted on: 14/06/2011



A bed room having a full white bedroom set of armoires, dresser, drawers, headboard, bed and bookstand with white walls, and rug but contrasted through dark wood flooring and also pictures with darker frames can give a wonderful minimalist room impression very easily. All of the white should enhance the darkish colors in the floor and the total impact will look really impressive. Such a choice of bedroom will invariably look airy and bright and that is  a plus.

There’s an awesome and low price strategy of giving bedrooms a brand new feel by simply shifting home furnishings and using different paint colorings. If we would have kept the darkish wallpaper and paneling in our bedroom and bought fresh bedroom fixtures the actual bedroom would not have looked any different.

Often the less costly aesthetic variations offer the biggest general benefit.

You can, naturally, have white bedroom furniture in the exact measurements to suit the room. Therefore to begin with you simply must consider if you prefer a  king size, double, queen size or maybe single white bed frame.


You are mainly there to rest your body by sleep and many people find sleeping a bit of a challenge.  White bedroom furniture will almost certainly help this.  How you decorate your bedroom and what furniture you put into it might make a difference in how well you sleep. Though a sleeping disorder might be totally unrelated, how much sleep you get and how well you sleep in general might be helped by the colors you choose and the items you surround yourself with.

Although some people do like vibrant and bright colors more people think that they will stimulate them too much and be a cause for loss of sleep so stick with the whites and maybe pastel colors.



















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  • jumadi88: yang mati pas kena tembak oleh aparat yang menghadang para pendemo sebelum memasuki area demo. Dia mAti terkena peluru karet, dia dibawa ke RS tapi s
  • siagian: Kematian? Apanya yang mati? Tolol!
  • jumadi88: oke
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